Sebile Catalogue

MODEL WEIGHT LENGTH TYPE SWIMMING DEPTH HOOK SIZE BMI-152-FL 2 oz 57g 6" 152mm Floating 2-4ft, 0.6-1.2m 3/0 BMI-152-SK 2 3/8 oz 67g 6" 152mm Sinking 2.5-5ft, 0.8-1.5m 3/0 BMI-152-RKT 2 7/8 oz 67g 6" 152mm Rocket 3-6ft, 0.9-1.8m 3/0 SPECIFICATIONS BULL MINNOW AMERICAN SHAD - AMS BUNKER - BNK GHOSTSCENT - GHE GREENBACKK GHOST - GBGH GREEN MACKEREL - GRMK MIDNIGHT PURPLE - MNP CIRCUS PEARL - CIP YELLY - YELY COLORS · Designed with a 360 degree rotating belly hook preventing fish from gaining leverage and throwing bait · Shape designed as a noisy traditional floating jerkbait · One mass transfer bead allows for better casting and knocking noise · Rocket version geared to make super long casts and includes extra single hooks NEW COLOR NEW NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW COLOR NEW ITEMS IN RED The Sebile 6" Bull Minnow is a wider action, floating minnow bait ideal for power fishing (jerking/cranking) situations when fish are active. The Bull Minnow is designed to be versatile. As a power jerkbait, the Bull Minnow is designed to handle aggressive fishing by anglers. other humpback-shaped minnows, the Bull Minnow can be cranked at higher speeds while remaining stable and tracking true!